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Running Free B-side - Burning Ambition

Sanctuary B-side - I've Got The Fire

Women in Uniform B-side - Invasion

Run To The Hills B-side - Total Eclipse

The Number of The Beast B-side - Remember tomorrow

Flight Of Icarus B-side - I've Got the Fire (Bruce On Vocals)

Trooper B-side - Cross Eyed Mary (Cover of song from Jethro Tull's Aqualung.)

2 Minutes To Midnight B-side - Rainbow's Gold

Aces High B-side - King Of Twilight

Wasted Years B-Sides - Reach Out/Sheriff Of Huddersfield

Stranger In A Strange Land B-Sides - Juanita/That Girl

Can I Play With Madness B-Sides - Black Bart Blues/Massacre

The Evil That Men Do Bsides - Prowler/Charlotte The Harlot - 88line up

The Clairvoyant B-side - The Prisoner (live)

Holy Smoke B-side - All In Your Mind/Kill me Ce Soir

Bring Your Daughter B-Sides - Communication Breakdown/I'm a Mover

Be Quick B Sides -

From Here To Eternity B - Sides -

Man On The Edge B's -

Lord Of The Flies B's -

Virus B's -

Angel & Gambler B's -

Futureal B's -

Wickerman B's - Live Footage of Ed Hunter Tour

Out Of The Silent Planet B's - ''   ''