Steve Harris
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One of the longest surviving band members along with Dave Murray is Steve Harris. He has stuck with Maiden for all 25 years of their existence. He is the founder of the band and is the bass player in the line up. He is also the backing vocalist of the band. He was brought up in the same, hard-up, rough area as Dave Murray, although they only actually met up in the same band a while before the sound-house tapes were recorded in '79. The band were formed in his Grandma's front room in '76 when they actually decided to call themselves Iron Maiden, after being called various other names such as 'Evil Ways'. He is an amazing bass player, and somehow manages to play riffs along with the guitarists, such as in 'phantom of the opera' when Dave is playing the middle riff. He is also the main songwriter, and has wrote most of the classics such as phantom of the opera, running free, rime of the ancient mariner, and Fear Of The Dark.