Whatever Happened To...?
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This page tells you what happened to all of the ex-maiden members after they left the band. 


Dennis Stratton

Dennis left the band for musical differences, but funnily enough, can be heard playing covers of maiden songs with Praying Mantis a couple of years later. As far as I know, he hasn't done anything famous since then.


Paul Di'anno

He also joined up with Dennis and Praying Mantis to do maiden covers on 'Live at Last'. He has worked with various different maiden tribute bands since. He has not done any new stuff that I know of, but has recently released an album in February 2001 that also consists solely of maiden songs from his era. The album is called 'Paul Di'anno and the Beast - Live'. He can be heard singing with a more 'Death Metal' voice than he did with Maiden.


Clive Burr

Clive went on to do some successful drum-based tracks with other groups. At least he didn't do maiden covers!


Bruce Dickinson

Between seventh son and No Prayer, Bruce took time out to record 'Tattooed Millionaire' which contained great songs such as Son of a Gun and Dive Dive Dive! He did not leave maiden, though. But after Donington '92 he did. He then made albums both with Skunkworks and solo. He rejoined maiden in '99 for the Ed Hunter Tour. 


Adrian Smith

He left after Seventh Son, and rejoined in '99. In the time he took out, he recorded two albums in a band called Psycho Motel. Rumors are that he left the band before No Prayer because after Bruce's Tattooed Millionaire album, Bruce brought Janick Gers to the band, and Adrian didn't agree with having three guitarists.


Blaze Bayley

There are rumors circulating that Blaze was fired during the Virtual XI tour. I don't know if these are true, but a lot of people think so. He has recently formed his own band, (funnily enough called BLAZE!) and released an album.