Ed Hunter
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Ed Hunter is a best of... album. The songs on it are voted for by you, the fans. The second disk only contains six tracks. This is because they have crammed a 'shoot 'em up' computer game in which you play Eddie on to it. It is set in Maiden's home town, West Ham, and you can battle in scenes of maiden history, such as the Ruskin Arms, where maiden first started out doing gigs. Below is a list of all of the twenty tracks released on this album.


1. Iron Maiden (live)

2. The Trooper

3. The Number Of The Beast

4. Wrathchild

5. Futureal

6. Fear Of The Dark

7. Be Quick Or Dead

8. 2 Minutes To Midnight

9. Man On the Edge

10. Aces High

11. The Evil That Men Do

12. Wasted Years

13. Powerslave

14. Hallowed Be Thy Name



1. Run To The Hills

2. The Clansman

3. Phantom of The Opera

4. Killers

5. Stranger In A Strange Land

6. Tailgunner