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June 18th

Classic unreleased Iron Maiden photos from the past 26 years are now viewable at

May 24th

Iron Maiden have received an Ivor Novello award, for their international success. On picking up the award, along with Adrian and Janick, Bruce told the whole audience about how mis-judged the band are, and how pleased he and the band were to receive such a highly respected award. 

March 29th 

Bruce, Adrian and Janick took part in a charity head-shave for the Iain Rennie Hospice charity. They shaved the heads of the volunteers and raised over 9000. But beware, because Janick's thinking of starting off his own Barbers.  

March 16th

Recently, maiden presented Jimmy Page with a signed guitar in Rio, which he auctioned. The money raised goes towards a charity for homeless children in Brazil.