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1. The Ides Of March

2. Wrathchild

3. Murders In The Rue Morgue

4. Another Life

5. Genghis Kahn

6. Innocent Exile

7. Killers

8. Prodigal Son

9. Purgatory

10. Twilight Zone

11. Drifter


This is the album which Adrian Smith first appeared on. It was performed mostly as a live studio album, and contained some classic songs which would become some of the most popular songs in concert in years to come, e.g. Killers and Wrathchild. The single Purgatory was supposed to be released on it's own, but it was made a double 'a' side with Twilight Zone, because the band liked Twilight Zone so much. Women In Uniform was released as a single to this album, although it was recorded with Dennis Stratton, and doesn't actually feature on the album. The last single to be released, Maiden Japan, was a kind of 'sub' album, because it was a short live album featuring songs from the last two albums. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Maiden once again as Margaret Thatcher appeared on another single cover, this time with a gun, about to assassinate Eddie as he was picking up chicks. there were also accusations of sexism surrounding the song itself, but these were later dropped. This was also the last album Paul Di'anno performed on.