Iron Maiden
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Iron Maiden  1980                     Left to Right: S. Harris

1. Prowler                                                       D. Murray

2. Sanctuary                                                    P. Di'anno 

3. Remember Tomorrow                                    C. Burr 

4. Running Free                                               D. Stratton

5. Phantom Of The Opera

6. Transylvania

7. Strange World

8. Charlotte The Harlot

9. Iron Maiden

This is the first Iron Maiden album, released due to the success of The Soundhouse Tapes in the metal charts. After Running Free was released, the album got to Number 4. When the sanctuary single was released, there was a lot of controversy, because the cover showed Eddie killing Margaret Thatcher, after she had ripped a maiden concert poster off the wall. The identity of Eddie was at first kept a secret for the album. On the Running Free single, we only see Eddie in the shadows.